Friday, October 1, 2021

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Oct 1, 2021

Welcome to my IBM i Reference. I trust you'll find value. If there is something you find that can help the IBM i community, please contact me with that link / page and I'll add it to this repository.

This will be a continuing project. The goal is a 1 stop discovery for most anything you may need to help and/or enhance your IBM i job or analysis.

This blog came about after a lot of research to help myself on the system over the years when I didn't have IBM support contracts. I accumulated several google bookmark's of material - hundred's of sites. Some are still valid, many have been moved and updated while others have fallen by the wayside. 

I have done my best to vet the sites. It is a much cleaner, updated collection of resources than several exported google bookmark pages.

The links are designed to open in a new tab. If a link does not open or returns an error, please send me a message and I'll get it corrected. 

Note that there might be a bit of redundancy due to some of the posted links containing the same resources. 

Oct 27, 2021 

This IBM i SQL will output the group PTF's currently installed on your system and compare them to the group PTF's currently available.

Both choices will run in ACS "Run SQL Scripts" or 5250 green screen STRSQL. 
In 5250 STRSQL, the CCSID of the user profile running the SQL must be
set to 37. 
Choice #1:
Note the sort order is "ptf_group_level_available",
                                   "ptf_group_level_installed" desc.
 With ilevel (iversion, irelease) as
      (select os_version, os_release
         from sysibmadm.env_sys_info)
 Select Row_Number() over (Order by ptf_group_level_available -  
                                               ptf_group_level_installed desc,
                                               as "Row #", p.*
     From ilevel, systools.group_ptf_currency p
        Where ptf_group_release = 'R' concat iversion concat irelease concat '0'
          Order by "Row #";

The output from a V7R2 partition looks like this (Click to view):



Choice #2:
Note the sort order is "ptf_group_currency desc",
                                   "ptf_group_id" asc.
 Select Row_Number() over (order by ptf_group_currency desc,   
                                                             ptf_group_id asc) as "Row #", 
    ptf_group_currency, ptf_group_id, 
    ptf_group_title, ptf_group_level_installed,
    ptf_group_level_available, ptf_group_last_updated_by_ibm,
    ptf_group_release, ptf_group_status_on_system
       From systools.group_ptf_currency 

The output from a V7R2 partition looks like this (Click to view):